25th August 2014
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The family pool is something that gives endless afternoons of fun and joy with the whole family involved, splashing around in the sun and lazing in the cool water. But what about when the pavers you have around the edge of the pool start to lose their lustre, and you find yourself with some chipped stone rolling around in the bottom of the pool? It’s important to take care of the surroundings of your pool because it’s an area that needs to be able to take a lot of wear and tear, and is an area that will reap the benefit of a well thought out cosmetic renovation.

When you’re considering revamping your pool area, it starts with the pavers that you’re going to put around the pool. You have a huge range of materials and styles of choose from, and the team at Bonita Stone have the whole range covered. You can start with a selection of different materials like limestone or exposed aggregate, or you can get something really interesting and different and get glowpave, which is a revolutionary material with stones that glow in the dark! They’re UV activated and make a really pretty feature for the pool at night time. Just imagine having drinks by the pool with such a great feature – it’s really a talking point for your friends. Of course, if you prefer something more traditional you can get aggregate pavers or something a little different like coral stone pavers. All of the choices are durable and hard wearing, so you know that once you’ve made the commitment to revamp your pool area that you’ll get years of enjoyment out of a job well done.

The experts at Bonita Stone in Perth know the best options for the job, because the family run company have been advising families and home owners for years about the ideal stone pavers for the job. Get in touch with the friendly family team today to find out more about how you can add appeal and value to your home with a pool revamp from Bonita Stone pavers.