1st August 2016
Sandstone Pavers | Quality Paving Perth | Bonita Stone

This week at Bonita Stone we would like to take the time to talk about our recently added 600 x 300 pavers.

A job we recently completed rang our friendly staff to enquire on what we thought would be the best option to finish off their well designed pool area. As per usual the measurements were required so we could give our best opinion for the size we recommended. For this particular job the clients wished for their newly, beautiful backyard to look bigger, have a more relaxing flow and contrast with the house colours.  For this reason we recommended the 600 x 300 limestone paver, to give the area a wider landscape look and feel.

As for the customers, they were thrilled with the result and said they couldn’t have asked for anything better. Due to this result we recommend that if you have a large outdoor area and wish to make it look even bigger, the 600 x 300 pavers make all the difference.

To add style, elegance, flow and comfort into your newly added outdoor area, contact us here at Bonita Stone.